Asian Western Matchmaker has a high success rate of compatibility.

We are so happy when our members find the right person and beautiful, long term relationships are made. Asian Western Matchmaker has a high success rate of compatibility. Here, some of our happy couples share snippets of their ‘soulmate success stories’. All photos and names have been changed to protect our clients’ privacy.


success-pix1Believe in true love

Mary 47y and John 54y were married on 14 Feb 2013. Before Mary met John, she always worried about her English and about fitting in with Western culture. She was afraid that she would be unable to get used to the Western lifestyle. After meeting John, Mary found she had discovered a gentle and polite man. Since meeting, their love has grown stronger and deeper everyday, with all the new experience John and Mary have experienced they cannot image what their life would be like without each other

” To Asian Western Matchmaker me and my wife cannot put into words how much you have given us thank you thank you thank you–From John”.


success-pix2Second chance

**Peter 35y went through a very bad relationship that ended in divorce. Peter had seen several advertisement on matchmaking services but was sceptical. After several years on his own, he decided to try his luck with Asian Western Matchmaker. He told us what he was looking for and we introduced him to a **Anne. Anne has a warm and caring personality that soon broke through all the baggage Peter was carrying. They share various interests which helped them connect. We are delighted to see them ‘find their other halves’.



success-pix3The right match

**Lee 27 loves his job, but it keeps him very busy, taking him away a lot of the time, so he never had time for meeting and dating girls. He approached us and told us that he had been waiting for genuine woman to enter his life for a long time. We introduced him to the very attractive and bright girl Cindy. They started dating and found they had so much in common. On their wedding day, Lee said to Cindy that all his waiting had been worth it – to find her.