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RAY* 32 years old



Ray* is Australian born Shanghainese, he is 32 years old, 181 cm tall with a fit figure. He has his own property in Clayton south. Ray is an undergraduate graduate, who has a stable job. This Taurus gentleman enjoys family life. He describes himself is royal and independent, very hard-working, responsible and self-discipline. During the consultation, we found Ray is gentle and tolerant, as well as handsome, easy-going, patient gentleman, who does things with careful consideration. 

His interests are very broad, he likes artworks, love small animals. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, painting, sketching, photography. He enjoys going to winery wine tasting, sometimes going to the movies. He particularly enjoyed cooking, this is one of the reasons he chooses chef as a profession, his current occupation is executive chef. Not only have a good attitude towards life, he likes to keep himself very fit, enjoys outdoor sports, such as hiking, running, swimming, cycling, mountain climbing, canoeing. He loves nature and enjoys travel. 

He is a clean person, likes to keep everything clean and tidy. Though he has a very small weakness is that sometimes he is not too initiative.

His religion is Buddhism. 

Ray now looking for a lady who is cheerful, loving life, share similar life values to him to starts a new future together.

wechat – raven7673



AMELIA* 56 years old



Amelia* is 56, Originally from China, currently lives in Box Hill, running a family business. With 160cm tall, she has an average build. 

Amelia has been in Australia for nearly 3 years. She is a woman with a simple life and an easy-going personality. Does not smoke and does not drink, she lives a healthy lifestyle. She is currently separated, has a grown-up son.

When Amelia has free time she enjoys cooking and family time. she also likes to exercise and she usually playing badminton, swimming, dancing or bicycling. She believes that having a healthy body is very important. She also enjoys spending her free time watching movies, traveling, doing housework.

Amelia is a calm, confident, and optimistic lady. Her friends and family describe her as a loyal and romantic individual who would make a perfect partner to one lucky man. English level limited

She is looking for a nice gentleman who is tidy and easy-going to enjoy life with her.

Add wechat – ghxkaifeng 




Latte* 30 years old



Latte*今年30岁。他出生在中国,来澳洲已经7年了。他目前住在自己位于Kealba的住所。Latte* 毕业于RMIT大学获得学士学位。目前他是一名科学家。他身高175cm左右,身材匀称健康。

Latte* 有些内向不善于表达。但是性格随和,儒雅。为人真挚、坦诚。他告诉我们的咨询师,闲暇的时候他比较喜欢阅读,以此提高自己的文学素养和知识储备。同时他还喜欢旅行去不同的地方来开阔视野,接触、学习不同的文化和事务。而在咨询过程中,我们了解到他是一个很勤劳,踏实有很有礼貌的人。平时他会为父母朋友烹饪,也会整理花园。他还很喜欢有艺术气息的事物。他偏好古典类型的音乐,有空的时候喜欢去画展和展览馆学习欣赏。Latte* 还很喜欢研究建筑,喜欢研究各国不同风格的建筑。

Latte* 是个重视家庭的人,还特别喜欢小动物。他介绍自己说喜欢干净整洁,认为自己独立大方,比较有耐心也很值得依靠。

Latte* 没有结过婚,他希望能找到一个开朗,善良并知书达理的女孩跟他一起建立一个充满爱与温馨的家庭。

Wechat – lingbowang3890



DIANA 43 years old


Diana is 43 years old. She was originally born in China. Now she has been living in Australia for more than 20 years. She speaks excellent English. Diana currently lives in her own place in Hoppers Crossing. She is now teaching in the university in Arts. Diana is about 166 cm tall with a fit figure.
Diana is an independent and charismatic individual. She told us she previously worked as an actress in China and she loves literature and art. While teaching acting in the university, she works as a part-time script editor as well. We could tell Diana is romantic, sensitive and cultured and is very attractive and feminine.
Diana uses words such as faithful, adventurous and confident to describe herself. During the consultation, we found her very easy going and genuine. She balances her work and life very well. In her leisure time, she may go to movies, sketch, read, write or eat out. She also loves travelling; she is very good at digital photography as well. To keep fit and healthy, she will regularly do some exercises such as running and Yoga. She does not smoke at all, Only drink a bit for relaxation.
Diana expects and enjoys family life. She loves to cook and, she is a very neat lady. She always prefers to keep the family clean and organized. In addition, Diana loves kids and animals. She now has a cat and cockatoo as family members.
Diana is a capable and strong mind lady. She wants someone who is polite, kind and has similar interests as her to build a small but warm family.

Phone – 0433752558



BYRON 29 years old



Byron is 29 years old this year. He was originally born in Thailand and has been living in Australia for more than 26 years. He is currently living in Clarinda and owns a car. Bryon is 172 cm tall, with an average figure. Byron lives in healthy life, he does not smoke or drink. 

This Pisces gentlemen is the only child. He is a fulltime baker at Woolworth, he loves what he does.

Byron is an easy going and peaceful person. During the consultation, he describes himself as Calm, responsible, clean and honest. In person he is reliable, loyal, humble and a patient person. He enjoys spending time with his family and friends. In his spare time, he likes to go out for dinner and watching movies. He enjoys all sorts of entertainment, such as car racing and travel on the cruises. He enjoys walking to keep himself fit. Byron loves animals, he has a cute cat and takes good care of it.

Byron has never married before. He is looking for a lady who is caring, gentle, good hearted with a good personality to contribute a new and loyal future.

Contact – hall1992@hotmail.com


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