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Annie. 54 years and single. This Aries lady had been living in NZ for a long time before moving to Australia

Lives in CBD, Annie is New Zealand citizen although she is of Chinese descent.

Annie has diploma qualification and her English is average. Annie does not smoke and does not drink; she lives the healthy life.

158cm tall with slim-average weight, Annie has feminine appearance.

Lives in her own house, Annie is divorced with 2 adult children whom also live in Melbourne although do not live with her.

Annie enjoys classical music and she’s keeping herself fit by jogging. She likes cooking and likes pet. Outgoing with understanding personality, Annie is quiet, elegant, and educated lady who is home-loving.


37 years and single, this sweet girl lives in Maidstone area with her family.

Completed a master’s degree in tourism management, she currently works for the government.

She is 162cm tall with thin build

Sissie is never married and has no children

Family-orientated, this quiet lady is independent and intellectual. She is easy going and enjoys traveling.

Not fussy, she enjoys spending her free time whether going out and trying out new foods, or just spending a quiet evening reading good literature.

Sissie is hoping to find a gentleman who is not only affectionate, but also reliable, hard-working, and kind. A mature-minded gentleman to have a serious relationship with.


Mini – Melbourne

Easy-going sweet Mini

Mini is 31 years old,  never married and doesn’t have children,  Her English level is Good.

She is 159cm in height and Slim. She enjoys a healthy lifestyle and doesn’t smoke or drink and fitness is important to her. She is the only child and has a good relationship with her parents.

She is currently working as a  consultant for a film company.

Mini is a quiet and easygoing lady. She is independent and loyal she likes to paint, mountain climb, watch movies, read books, listen to music, and enjoys travelling and dining out. She also likes to catch a comedy every now and then and loves to bake.

Mini is an extremely feminine woman who is an intellectual, although down to earth and easy to get along with. Therefore, she hopes to find a partner who cheerful and easy-going, loyal and responsible, non-smoker, that will respect her.


Maya -Melbourne

Sweet and cute, Maya is 32 years old this year. 155cm tall with slim-average weight.

Maya is originally from Liaoning Province, China(Lives in Australia). she has a bachelor’s degree in education and specializes in interior design. Currently studying Remedial massage, Maya’s English is good.

Maya has been in Australia for more than two years. Besides studying, Maya also works part-time. Maya is a gentle and an elegant lady. She is caring and loves little pets. She likes to read, watch movies. She likes to travel. She feels that tourism can not only broaden one’s horizons but also enhance one’s cultural literacy and excavate one’s own potential, which will greatly help one’s future life.

Maya is a quiet and tidy, friendly and tolerant person. She is good at listening and understanding, and she is organized and patient. At the same time, she is also an independent home-based woman. She believes that in a relationship, it is important to be understanding with each other, to be inclusive and to be considerate and loyal to one another.

The man Maya hopes to find is, first and foremost, Someone who has kind and has a loving heart, has a sense of responsibility, has a stable job, and is outgoing and easy-going. She wants to have a family with a partner who can work hand in hand together in the future.


Christy – Melbourne

27 years old

She works in Childcare industry, she a bachelor in early learning

English level basic, Christy is 157cm tall with slim-fit build.

Currently living with family in Ivanhoe area, Christy is divorced with no kids.

This intelligent and feminine young lady plays the piano and likes keeping herself fit.

She’s also keen to travel and explore. Christy enjoys spending her free time watching comedies and drawing.

extremely Understanding, this long-haired beauty is easy-going, talkative, loyal, and spontaneous.


Louise is 31. 167cm tall, slim, and single. A shy young lady with easy going attitude.
She is currently studying full time and working part, yet still find the time to date. She has basic English.
Louise is the only child in her family and she has a strong sense of family values and she has a close relationship with her parents.
When she is not working, Louise enjoys Jogging, reading, travelling, loves children and going to the movies.
She also likes dining out and goes to the library often.
Even though Louise likes the quite life she also loves adventure, going on day trips, skydiving, and all sorts of beach activities.
Louise is a non-smoker and she drinks occasionally.
She lives a healthy lifestyle, eats healthy and exercises regularly.
This is an accommodating lady who understands giving instead of just taking.
She is feminine and has a gentle disposition.
She will make the perfect woman for the right man.



Hardworking and quiet, Lan is 37 years and divorced

Originally from coastal city of Dalian, China.

She is 1:63 tall with slim-average weight.

This mum of twin girls of 12 years old lives a healthy lifestyle: she doesn’t smoke or drink.

She is working in aged care, and this Aquarius lady enjoys her work very much.

Homely and yet easy going, she can be serious however most of the time is very easy going. She values good communication and she always stays positive.

She enjoys spending her free time watching movies, reading, or just exercising. Pet lover, she also enjoys trying out new food and traveling.

Lan believes that in a relationship, mutual respect and mutual loyalty are very important. Therefore, she hopes to find a partner who is cheerful and outgoing, kind and simple, has a stable job, has no bad habits, and treats the relationship with respect, and responsible, romantic type of gentleman.


Born in November 1977, Lisa is originally from Shenyang, China. 158cm tall with slim-fit build, Lisa used to work as a clerk at a domestic insurance company and currently is working in remedial therapy.

Divorced for 11 years, Lisa has one daughter who is 15 years old and lives with her in Melbourne. Lisa has been in Australia for two years now and lives in Chentelham area. Living healthy, Lisa does not smoke or drink.

Believes in Buddhism, Lisa enjoys spending her free time swimming and keeping herself physically fit by walking regularly. She also enjoys variety of beach and water activities and driving around. She is active, and young at hearts. Her English is limited, but she is easy to get along with. Lisa doesn’t mind dogs.



Jennifer is 36 and single.

Lives in Point Cook in her own home, she works full time as national commercial manager for a transport company.

She has been living in Australia for more than 15 years.

163cm with slim average weight, she doesn’t smoke and doesn’t drink

This Gemini lady is a registered accountant and she is divorced with no dependent children

Home-loving and gentle, she is hardworking and intellectual. She speaks fluent English.

She is looking for a romantic gentleman who is mature, reliable, and happy.



Fiona 55 years and single
167cm tall, she is slim with average weight
She has diploma in English, her English level is good
Fiona is financially stable – she worked as business consultant and now just retired to just to enjoy her life
Currently in China, Fiona has Australian visa and able to come to Australia without problem
Divorced for 11 years, Fiona has a grown up son
Fiona enjoys spending her free time watching movies, travelling, and takes care of her health by keeping herself fit and active. She also enjoys reading a good book with a cup of coffee or tea.
She considers herself independent, home-loving, intellectual, charitable, and loyal lady.



Kind and sometimes introverted, Ivy is 43 years and single.

Originally from Liaoning, China, she is divorced with one adult daughter whom she has a very close relationship with.

She is 162cm in height and thin.

Ivy is a lady who cares about her health: she doesn’t smoke or drink.

She is currently working as a hairdresser and lives in Glen Waverley area. Her English is limited.

Quiet and independent, Ivy is a simple lady; she values her honesty and loyalty.

She has a good sense of humour.

In her free time, she enjoys listening to music, taking walks, and watching movies. She likes the beach and is keen on cooking. Travelling is also one of her favourite thing to do in her spare time.

Ivy hopes to find a partner whom she can share her life with; someone genuine and simple. Someone kind-hearted is a must. A gentleman that is not only passionate, but also loving, caring, and has a stable job with an easygoing personality. Someone with a cheerful personality and also generous. She believes respect towards each other, mutual understanding, and being responsible as important factors in a relationship.


31 years and single, Ivy has been in Australia for more than 5 years
She lives in Forest Hill area with her family
Studying and working part time, she still has time to date
She has a degree from LaTrobe University and has basic English.
155cm tall with petite build, this young lady is never married and has no dependant children.
She is home-loving, intellectual, and passionate. She enjoys a good conversation over warm cup of coffee. Despite her feminine and cute appearance, Ivy can be spontaneous at times and easy going.
Ivy is looking for a gentleman who is mature; someone who is family-type, passionate, and intellectual. Someone who is kind-hearted and hard working.



Susie is 45 years and single. 172cm tall with slim build, she is divorced.

She currently lives in Glen waverley, she works as a manager in a therapy centre.

She has one independent daughter who lives in China.

This Pisces lady enjoys living a healthy lifestyle: she doesn’t smoke and doesn’t drink.

She has a diploma degree

Cheerful and outgoing, she is an independent lady. She is feminine and easy going. She enjoys spending her free time watching movies, reading all sorts of books, listening to music, and keeping herself fit and active (jogging). She also enjoys trying out new food, and she really enjoys travelling.

Takes care of her appearance, this long-haired beauty is hoping to find a partner who is easy-going and generous, caring, romantic, and considerate. Someone who is responsible and enjoy living their life healthy.



31 years and single, Amber currently lives in Dalian

She is 162cm tall with average weight

She is working in the accounts department

She is never married and has no children

Easy going and loyal, this gentle young lady enjoys traveling.

Sometimes she spends her free time just relaxing and watches movies.

Occasionally she would also go dining out with friends and family



Lizzy is from China.
46 years old and single, she speaks basic English.
She is 160cm in height with a slim build. She believes in Buddhism, she has a healthy lifestyle and she does not smoke or drink.
Divorced, she has one adult son whom she sees every other weekend and one teenaged son who lives with her.
She has a bachelor’s degree and is a kindergarten teacher with 28 years of teaching experience.
She enjoys spending her free time reading, arranging flowers, yoga, or hiking. Sometimes she would spend a quiet time watching a good movie or two.
Somewhat introverted, she has an independent personality, easygoing, intelligent, kind, talkative, considerate, romantic, creative, humorous, and responsible.
She is hoping to find a gentleman who is easy-going and outgoing, loyal, and responsible. Someone who is hardworking and active, and to share interest with and would like to spend time getting to know her.