As if that weren’t enough reason to veer off the beaten path, consider this — research shows that simply doing new things together as a couple ignites the same circuit as does falling in love. By flooding the brain’s reward system with dopamine and norepinephrine, mixing up date night can help those butterflies hang around a bit longer.


[box title=”Go cloud watching” color=”#8ab4f4″]Get old school by heading to the park for some cloud gazing. Pick a nice clear day bring a comfy blanket and lie on your backs while checking out cool cloud shapes. Spend the afternoon (or sunny morning) pointing out the funniest fluffy formations. You could also bring along a few snacks wine and before you know it, you’ll both be on cloud nine.[/box] [box title=”Date night at the gym ” color=”#8ab4f4″]Break a sweat for a better date. Why not go to the gym and not only get in shape but build a strong relationship. It turns out that excersise can lead to sweaty pleasures on and off your chosen field of play. Exercise-induced endorphins helping clear your mind of clutter, up your happiness factor, and rev up your sex drive.[/box] [box title=”Host a cocktail party ” color=”#8ab4f4″]Read up on your bartending skills and purchase your favorite fancy booze and garnishes if needed.  Sit back and chill with your date as you enjoy a Mojito on a hot summer day.[/box] [box title=”Help the less fortunate ” color=”#8ab4f4″]Show off your compasionate side with a date out helping others. visit your local church or red cross and volunteer at a soup kitchen.[/box] [box title=”Hit the tables ” color=”#8ab4f4″]Hit the towns and do a little gambling. Crown is a great way to have a laugh, have some fun and maybe even make a buck or two.  Just never, never complain if you loose.  This will ruin the date fast.[/box] s

Hit the tables

Time to hit the town and a do little gambling.  The local casino (if you’re lucky enough to have one) is a great way to laugh, have some fun and maybe even make a buck or two.  Just never, never complain if you loose.  This will ruin the date faster than a blackjack dealer can say “busted.”




Kiss on the beach

Get your partner and head out of town for a nice weekend at the beach.  Once there, resolve to do nothing more than sit on the edge of the bay “watching the dreams go by.”  It’s more fun than you think.


Extinguish old flames

Call up your date and tell them to bring that notorious “black book,” which contains the names and numbers of all your former dating partners.  Together you two can sit around and cross off all the old flames.  This usually generates plenty of “so, how did you two meet…”  (You may want to keep a copy of that book somewhere in case there isn’t another date.)



Wine at sunset

There is no better lighting for romance than at sunset.  Prepare the palette with sumptuous fruits, and then enjoy a bottle of your favorite red or white.  Then, enjoy each other on this classic romantic date.


Play frisbee

A fun athletic date can be no more complicated than grabbing a frisbee and heading to the local park.  You get to run and show off those legs, laugh and it is easy on the pocket book.  You can’t loose unless the frisbee lands in the lake.

Roast some marshmallows

Roasted marshmallows are just not in the domain of kids.  Get some dry twigs from the woods and make a small fire somewhere nearby.  Buy some charcoal and lighter fluid and don’t forget the food either.



Visit historic places

Go visit a historic landmark or take a tour of an old mansion from the Victorian age.  Even in your backyard, you probably have some notable landmarks that might be worth a short day trip.  Take notes on the history and then make your own.


Shop local

Avoid the big box retailers and head for the small local village shops nearby or in the next town over.  You will find that they are much higher in ambiance and very conducive to dating than simply walking along the mall.  Plus, you never know when you might find a real steal, like each other.



Save for a field trip

Get together and pick a place you both have always wanted to see.  Start saving money toward the goal of taking a field trip. It will be more fun than you think and you might even learn a thing or two.  The nice thing about this field trip, versus the ones you probably took as a kid, no chaperons and you can stay up as late as you want and talk the night away.


Visit formal gardens

Check a local directory of attractions and find out if there are any exotic gardens nearby.  An afternoon of touring majestic shrubbery and flowers is a great environment for getting to know each other.  There will be plenty of picture opportunities too so bring the camera.  Did we mention gardens are also conducive to sneaking a little kiss in there too.



Pack a picnic

Pick out your best fruits and vegetables and pack a lunch.  Don’t forget that blanket in case you to plan to go for a while.  Find a nice secluded place under a sweeping tree and viola – a very romantic setting for a date.


Lay on the grass

Find a nice patch of grass and go tackle each other there.  When you’re done, lay there for at least an hour.  You don’t want to get up and leave until you have some grass stains, those are memories that are hard to get out.




Drink beer together

Maybe both of you are the type that’s a little more laid back and don’t really care for stuffy restaurants or trendy clubs.  Enjoy the relaxed taste of a brewery for a good old-fashion beer chugging session with your date.  Then, go take in a weekend of football somewhere.

Tour a factory

Tired of the same old same old?  Something that’s a little off the beaten path is to go take a tour of a local factory where they make something interesting.  It could be aluminum, iron or whatever.  We even suggest a microbrewery if there is one nearby.  In the gift shop, be sure to buy your date something that will hold the memory.

aint each other

Even if you are not an artist, you’ll have a blast trying to paint each other. Remember to strike a pose and also wear something that paint can wash out of easily.



Game together

A recent poll showed that women are increasingly becoming more involved in the gaming community. So, why not game together online? Just remember that you and your date should be on the same team.



Make waffles together

We can’t think of anything better than mixing up a batch of waffles with your date the morning after. Be sure to use each of your favorite fruits and syrups. The spreads may taste even better if you put them on each other, but that’s up to you.



Go parachuting together

Are you both brave? Go for a nice parachute jump together. Many local airports out in the countryside offer four hour training classes as a primer. Remember to hold hands on the way down!


Have a private picnic

After an afternoon of shopping, impress your date with an impromptu high class picnic. A wicker basket, white linen, fruits, cheese and a bottle of Pinot should do the trick.


Play scrabble

Indulge your interest in word games and play scrabble together. Give each other bonus points for spelling words that specifically relate to love. This may seem cheesy, but it’s very effective.


Do a crossword puzzle together

It can be very romantic sharing quiet cerebral time together that involves the morning paper’s crossword puzzle. Just make sure to brew up your favorite coffee or tea. And, remember to ask each other for help when you are stumped. This is something you can do everyday – especially if you live together.

Shoot some pool

Why not get together at the local pub with the idea of playing a little pool? The nice thing is you get some great looks at the other person when they have to lean a little over the green for a tough shot (but you didn’t read about that here).


How about bowling

Bowling is a fun way to stay out late. Alleys are becoming more and more social and hip places to go, so don’t picture the dirty bowling alleys of yesterday. Yes, there will be kids, but you can always hide away from them and plus you get to stay out all night. And now (hopefully) you don’t have to worry about your parents wondering where you are.



Horseback riding

Hey why not hop up into the old saddle and head out on a scenic tour? Try to get behind the pack a little so you and your date can do some good “talking” as you head on down the trail.



See a sporting event

Go buy tickets to a local sporting event. In fact, show you’re into a little different than simply the normal games like basketball, football and baseball. Go see a horse jumping competition, or something. Now that’s different.



Go to the Zoo

When is the last time you went to the zoo? This is a great social date that is both interesting and creates a lot of moments for bonding and great conversation. Just don’t feed the lions too close. Also, don’t spend all your time monkeying around.


Ride the bus together

Do some urban exploring and go take a public bus ride together. Perhaps get a day pass so you can jump on and off to your hearts delight. Just don’t wander too far into some rough neighborhoods and always make sure you have enough change for your partner. You don’t want to have to walk them home.

Fly by the city in a Helicopter

Look in your local phone directory for helicopter rides and take a scenic tour of the nearest city. Be sure to bring along a camera and willingness to explore not only the sites, but also each other. This can be a fun, action packed activity that will make for some great photos and memories.


Go Skydiving

This involves a little bravery on both parts but if you can muster up the courage, the adrenaline rush will be something you will never forget. If you both are new to it, look for some training courses in your area. Usually, they last four hours or so and an instructor can even dive with you if you find you are the timid type. These romantic memories, however, will last a lifetime.


Go on an eco tour

Do both of you enjoy nature? Find a local travel directory of things to do in your area’s countryside. It can be canoeing or taking a walk along a nature trail. Chances are you should be within 25-miles of some great natural habitat worth exploring. The key is to explore each other while you explore nature.

Bake cookies

Women, convince your man to come over and share a culinary hand in the kitchen as you bake pastries for the holidays. Enjoy the sweet confections as you enjoy the sweet confections of your romance. You will find you will be close together, having fun and enjoying the sweetness as much as you enjoy each other.


Go Fly Fishing

Even if you are not really into fishing, it is simply a fun thing to do with someone else. Go to a local sporting goods store, get your license in order, grab a couple reels and rods and seek the advice of a fisherman. Not only will you learn something, but you will explore some very nice nature scenery together such as a beautiful river or lake. Even if the fish aren’t biting, your romance will.

Explore a ghost town

There’s nothing more romantic than going for some nice exploration. A ghost town is the perfect place. Do a search on the net for ghost towns and pack a lunch. Many of them offer nice tours and fun filled adventure. Hey, if you get scared, don’t be afraid to hold onto your partner. After all, that is the whole idea.


Admire the city lights

Is your town or city having a lit up night for some reason? If so, go out on a high elevation with all the other romantic hearts and take in the beauty of the great American city you happen to call home. Then take in the beauty of each other.


Go to a museum

Romance dovetails with many things and intellectual stimulation is no different. So look up a museum in your area, take the digital camera and your romantic interest. Spend the afternoon learning about art, each other and romance. Remember that it all has to happen in your mind, before it can happen at all.

Go to a convention together

This may seem a bit out of the ordinary but we are not talking bout a convention on paper products. How about a convention on boats and cards or a home and garden show? This can be incredibly entertaining and a fun-filled way to spend a day. Plus, you get a lot of freebies, too.


Go mountain climbing

Get out the gear and boots and bring a lunch. It is time to head out for the mountains. Try to get to the top by sunset and enjoy a moonlight conversation, camp out for the night, and come down the mountain the next day. Think of Jack and Jill going up the hill… Did they ever say what happened when they got to the top? Not really, but it involved a lot more than a pale of water… It involved dating romance.


Go high end shopping

This idea might be a little pricey, especially if you have a date that has expensive tastes. Just balance the check book before any date where you might be required to drop some serious cash and credit. The last thing you want is for a card to decline when she rings up her Monolos! Otherwise, shop to your heart’s content.



Dance in flower fields

Dates can never be too corny. Find a countryside meadow of flowers and have a dance in the middle of it. Make a bet on who can last the longest. Just make sure you’ve got your allergy medicine handy.



Go for a bike ride

Into motorcycles? – take him or her for a nice cruise on the back of one. Be sure to get rid of any “If you can read this the b— fell off” stickers. Wear a helmet, too – safety is always first when it comes to dating.


Celebrate Valentine’s Day early

It doesn’t have to be Valentine’s Day to celebrate your Valentine. Give a big heart of chocolates and make your Valentine’s day. They’ll love you for it.




Make your own movie

Get a video camera and make your own movie together. Act like it is a classic. Now, we’re not talking Paris Hilton-esque (unless you are, of course.) Enjoy sitting back and watching it together.


Lighten it up with candles

Deck out your place in candles and then overwhelm your date with the glowing ambiance. Keep in mind, you’d better be close to one another to be able to pull this date off. This will definitely send the signal that it’s time to take things to a new level.



Slow dance the night away

Invite him or her over to your place. Play your favorite slow songs and dance the night away in each other’s arms. Does it get any more romantic?


Take black and white photos of each other

Indulge in your sense of timeless beauty and take period black and white stills of each other. Aim for formal poses that might illicit a laugh later. Then spend an evening downloading them and seeing how dramatic you can make them using your favorite photo editing software.

Draw love notes in the sand

Go to a beach and write love messages in the sand. When the tide comes in and erases them, start over again. At sunset you can retire to a warm blanket and create some memories that the tide won’t erase.


Go to a fundraiser

Rent a tux and get out that formal dress, you two! Then, head to a fundraiser for the charity of your mutual interest. You’ll not only have a romantic time, but will be endorsing a great cause, too.



Hang out at a gazebo

Make it an old school date and spend time together in a gazebo at a nearby park. After all, maybe it’s time to bring courting back. There’s something unmistakably romantic about the courting process.


Go food shopping together

Don’t just show up for a romantic dinner. Try offering to shop for it with your date. You will be surprised how much fun you will have picking out the ingredients together. As an added benefit, you will know exactly what’s in your meal.


Volunteer at an animal shelter

If you both love animals spend a weekend volunteering at the local animal shelter. Who knows? You just might find pets worth taking home – each other!


Get ice cream

Ice cream on a summer evening is very romantic and is not solely in the domain of the little ones. There will be a lot of kids there for sure, but dating is about being a kid again in many ways, and ice cream evokes that.


Pray together

There’s nothing that can’t be shared on a date, spirituality included. If, in fact, you both share the same beliefs – then, make it a date and go pray together. Perhaps your maker will reward you with more romance to come. Amen to that!



Hold hands together

Sometimes just walking and holding hands can be a memorable date. After all, a good date is about your connection with each other and when you hold hands you are connecting both emotionally and physically.


Take a yoga class together

There is no reason you can’t enjoy a little meditation out on a date. Do something really different and go take a Yoga class. When you are meditating, meditate on having a great date. Then, watch it happen.



Go see something live together

Live entertainment is a great bet on a first date. After all, movies can be so ho hum. The rule here is don’t show her anything you can get inside of a Netflix envelope. One thing the Internet has yet to replace is live performances, and here’s to hoping it never does. Show her you have that old world flair and go see a live show together.

Get a message together

Nowadays you can do just about everything together and that includes getting a message. Look in your local area for a message therapist that provides such services. Although, keep in mind, this can be a bold proposition for an early date. Still, can you think of anything more romantic than a dual message? We can’t.



Take a sunset sail

If you live near water you can often charter a sailboat for an evening cruise. Usually for a small fee some boat owner will be willing to help you create a memorable date. If you happen to have a boat – you are all set.


Hammer out your differences

Maybe dating isn’t going too well and you sense it’s all miscommunication?  Have a date to straighten things out.  You just might save the relationship.  Better yet, ever hear of make-up sex?  It’s almost worth getting into an argument for.

Go on a double date

Sometimes company is just what is needed out on a date.  But, if you chance a double date, always pick friends with significant others you know beforehand.  You don’t want to be meeting for the first time.  That usually takes away from the date and makes it a getting to know each other occasion.  Plus, you don’t want to chance that your date might not get along with someone else’s.


Make it a golf twosome

Are you both into golf?  If so, there’s no better way to spend a weekend hitting the links than with the love of your life.  Golf is quiet game and there will be plenty of moments for chatter between you.  If you have never golfed before, consider lessons – with each other.


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